A Greenacres Police Officer Facing Criminal charges experienced the direct protection of having a Criminal Defense lawyer in West Palm Beach.

When the pressure is on and you’re under the glare of TV cameras, LeRoy Law, P.A. is there to protect you from the worst.

In WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. —  The News Media will do their best to exploit a story and report to the public even the most sensitive of matters. In these times, it’s important that you have a lawyer that sees you as a person and will do all in his power to protect the evidence and you the client from any unnecessary exposure to the media.

In this case, there were other hearings that we were able to keep our defendant out of the courtroom and out of the pubic eye. Even in this video clip from CBS news, it doesn’t show how quickly we took our client away from lurking cameras and into safety. In this instance the court required his appearance. Our response, was no comment.

At LeRoy Law, P.A. we understand that when you’re being charged with a crime in West Palm Beach you want the best Criminal Defense lawyer  from a firm that represents your rights and fights for them. Contact us today.


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