More counties in Florida are recognizing the simple and obvious fact that good hard working people can make the mistake of drinking and driving. More counties are offering clients the opportunity to resolve their DUI cases with Reckless Driving resolutions. Obviously, each case is unique. There is no guarantee of an offer of Reckless Driving to a client instead of a DUI, but the trend is growing.
In Palm Beach County, offers for a Reckless Driving plea to a person arrested for DUI is possible as-suming the following:

  1. No prior DUI arrests,
  2. No additional criminal charges for the incident apart from DUI,
  3. No crash or accident,
  4. No minor children in the vehicle,
  5. A BAC under 0.20, and
  6. Possession of a valid license at the time of the arrest.

Being able to plea down a DUI to a Reckless Driving is incredibly beneficial for the client. A DUI plea requires a mandatory adjudication, driver’s license suspension, and subsequent car insurance increase. A Reckless Driving plea does not include any of the three.

If you are going through the nightmare of a DUI arrest, call me to discuss. I have helped many many persons charged with DUI navigate the process. I have helped many many persons charged with DUI obtain a Reckless Driving plea.

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