Florida's Criminal Record Expungement Process

Expunging your Florida Criminal Records

Don’t live with the ghost of past mistakes haunting you forever. Use the Florida Expungement Process to clear your Criminal Records if you can! Being placed under arrest can be a terrifying and exceptionally humiliating experience. Making the situation worse is that in today’s digital society, anyone’s arrest record and booking photo is instantaneously published on the internet. That means that neighbors, loved ones, or even employers will know that you were arrested, and can easily find out why. Little information in today’s society is truly private.

People want their criminal records and arrest records to remain private.

Luckily, Florida Statute §943.0585 and §943.059, permits a person to Expunge or to Seal their criminal arrest. A person can have multiple charges all stemming from a single incident Expunged or Sealed. There are obviously rules that govern the process. The basic requirements for eligibility include that the person has never been convicted of any crime, the person’s case is closed, and that the person has not previously had a case Expunged or Sealed. It is important to note that to have a case Expunged the charges must be dropped by the State Attorney’s Office prior to trial. If the charges were not dropped by the State Attorney, having the case Sealed is your only option.

The process involves obtaining FDLE’s approval and then petitioning the Court. There are a number of steps in between depending whether you are seeking to have the case Expunged versus have the case Sealed.

Once your case is Expunged or Sealed you can have all those annoying mugshots removed from the internet for FREE.

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