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You may have read recently in the Palm Beach Post about Florida Insurance Companies and the difficulties consumers are facing. The article specifically targeted the start ups that have begun to make up where other insurance companies have pulled out of the State. These insurance startups seemingly gave opportunities but in their wake is heavy complaints. In fact, they reported that they accounted for 5 of 7 carriers with THE MOST complaints per capita among the top 30 insurers that serve Palm Beach County.

Insurance Claims Lawyer West Palm Beach

At the top of the complaints are issues with claims mediation, denials and delays.  What that means to homeowners is that their claims aren’t getting paid. There is also issues with denial of insurance right before hurricane season. All of this leave consumers troubled and frustrated. But also, uninsured.

Home owners carry insurance for the sole purpose of protection of their assets and for most consumers their home is their greatest asset. When Florida Insurance companies fail to deliver on your claim it’s time to speak to an attorney that can represent you against your insurance company and help fight your denied claim. LeRoy Law, P.A. is your advocate for insurance claims denials.

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