At some point you may find yourself or a loved one being investigated or charged with a crime. This time can be confusing, frightening, and daunting. You may have already heard many opinions about whether or not you need a criminal defense attorney. Often times affording a lawyer for criminal defense may be too much to bear. If cost is an issue, the defendant will be assigned a public defender. So you may wonder, why do I need to hire an attorney?

Criminal law legislation is complex and not understanding your rights is no excuse to a judge which can result in severe punishment. Whether you’re being charged with a felony or misdemeanor, you deserve the opportunity to be defended. You also deserve the opportunity to discuss the pros and cons of keeping your case out of court. The more serious the allegations the more in need you are of Criminal Defense Attorney especially in the case of a felony.

A Criminal Defense Lawyer can:
The first step of the criminal justice system is investigation. If you know you are being investigated for a crime, retaining an attorney in preparation for an arrest will allow you to be ahead of the process. The next step is the arrest but that does not mean you are being formally charged with a crime. This means an officer has probable cause. Your rights will be read and If you are considering challenging the claim to probable cause, at this point you will want to retain a criminal defense lawyer. The attorney will challenge your arrest claims and argue in your favor for being released on bail.

An arraignment follows an arrest. At this time you will enter a plea of guilty or not guilty. With a Criminal Defense Lawyer, you will have already have discussed the strategy for what plea to enter. There are advantages and disadvantages you should have a full understanding for. Plea bargain negotiating which usually means pleading guilty to a lesser crime with an exchange for a reduced sentence. Your Criminal Defense Lawyer will negotiate with prosecutors on your behalf. At this point you want to know the pros and cons of going to trial.

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