John Goodman is back.  His DUI retrial officially began on Saturday, October 11, 2014. The Palm Beach County Trial is being heard by a jury from Tampa.  Judge Colbath, the State Attorneys, Mr. Goodman and his lawyers, seeking an unbiased jury, spent the week prior in Tampa choosing that jury.   The 2012 conviction of John Goodman along the prison sentence was thrown out due to jury misconduct.

Shockingly during jury selection, a Tampa man almost derailed the whole process with his decision to conduct internet research regarding the case during despite Judge Colbath’s explicit warnings not to do so.  He discovered the procedural history of the case and that the jury selection he was participating in was a retrial.  A jury is not supposed to know those facts.  The 21 year old, Van Vliet, was taken away in handcuffs and charged with contempt of court, a misdemeanor.  Judge Colbath’s action made it clear that he will not tolerate juror misconduct on this trial after what happened the first time.

Now that the trial has started, I expect jurors will hear two very different stories of the tragic night in 2010, when 23 year old Scott Wilson drowned after his Hyndai Sonata was pushed into a canal by Mr. Goodman’s Bentley.

Goodman’s DUI DEFENSE ATTORNEY team may have the upper hand during this trial.  The first jury rejected Mr. Goodman’s defense theory, now he gets a second chance to discredit the State’s case.  Taking advantage of the fact that over time, memories fade and details become less clear.   Remember, its been almost 4 years since the incident.   Also, the Bentley Goodman was driving that night is no longer in evidence and can not be reexamined by the jury.

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