Don’t get caught driving with suspended license
in Palm Beach County!

It is so frustrating that so much of the county court’s docket is clogged with case for people who are caught driving with a suspended license. The reality is that driving in South Florida is an absolute necessity. Florida Law makes it too easy for courts to take away a person’s ability to drive. Why does a drug charge result in a driver’s license suspension? Why does failing to pay court costs result in a driver’s license suspension?

I hate that good people are stopped and harassed for driving with suspended license charges. Too many times clients tell me they got stopped driving to work or the doctor or to pick up the kids because no one else was available to help.

This is insanity.

Worsening the situation is clients appearing without proper representation in court. Unrepresented defendants are often pushed into terrible plea deals or impossible situations requiring them to provide a valid driver’s license with no guidance of how to accomplish that feat. Moreover, inexperienced criminal defense attorneys who care only about closing a case as quickly as possible and not helping people solve the problem only encourage police to ticket and arrest more people. More tickets and more arrests means more money for the county. Anyone can help a client close a Driving with Suspended License charge, but only a seasoned one can help get that license reinstated and the charges dismissed.

Over the last 10+ years I have learned the ins and outs of license restoration. I know ways to clear up fines, court costs, and settled unresolved tickets. I have helped clear collection fees saving individual clients thousands of dollars each.

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