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o, it looks like you’re looking for a South Bay Criminal Lawyer. You should have access to the superior defense that only a personally selected practiced criminal attorney will give you. Would you agree?

You should never have to have to worry whether the criminal defense firm you hired has attorneys cherry picking press worthy court cases and delegating what’s left to overstressed, less qualified, associates and law firm staff. You should not have to ask yourself whether or not a law firm or attorney established your service fees based upon what they presume you should be able to cover – invoicing different clientele different rates merely because they strike them different! You shouldn’t. Even so, you do.

I am a veteran Criminal Lawyer, AVVO rating 10.0 in DUI and as well as Traffic, 10.0 in Criminal Defense, and also 10 Best in Customer Satisfaction. I’m A/V Rated Preeminent by my colleagues and likewise have been selected into the Top 100 National Trial Lawyers. I take care of every client just as though he / she were my only client.

You’re browsing this article which means you in all probability have a lot of questions – or worse, you might be having problems and have no clue of how to cope, or exactly what questions you will need to discuss. Do not hesitate. Get a legal representative at once. The more time you delay the harder your case may become. You’re in search of the right answers. I have them.

A personal note from South Bay Criminal Lawyer Josh LeRoy:

Royal Palm Beach Criminal Lawyer Josh LeRoyThis firm carries my name. Every case is taken very seriously, and every client is treated as if they were my only client. How it performs in court, how clients remember it, is my signature.

It is my legacy to my children.

Your concerns, questions and fears are important to me. I do my best to prepare you for all eventualities. The only thing worse than going through the criminal justice system, is going through it unprepared and alone.

Rates are affordable compared to others you will find because I personally handle every case. I am your attorney. I draft and argue Motions. I appear in court. I personally return calls. If you need me, you get me – not an assistant, secretary, paralegal or junior associate.

Be wary of criminal defense lawyers who misrepresent facts or the law to entice you to sign a retainer only to later reveal the “truth” of your case – and its true cost. We openly discuss your situation, your choices and strategize accordingly.

Since you’re reading this, I’d venture a guess either you, or someone you’re close with, needs an attorney. You’ve taken the first step and started to research your options. That’s good. you must be proactive in your defense at all times.

Take the next step, keep that forward momentum! The longer you take to find counsel the harder your case becomes. Drop me a note and let me know what the problem is.

-Joshua LeRoy, Esq.


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National Top 100 Trial Lawyers

– 2012+, Fighting the Good Fight!

Founded LeRoy Law, PA.

– 2009 – 2011, Firm Experience

Powers, McNalis, Torres, and Teabaggy (insurance defense) and Skier Law Firm (criminal defense).

– 2005 – ’09, Public Defender

I began my career as a Palm Beach Public Defender, defending thousands of clients with charges ranging from minor misdemeanors to felonies punishable by mandatory life imprisonment. I gained invaluable trial experience and knowledge of the justice system through countless trials – nearly all with favorable outcomes.

It shaped me into an formidable trial attorney and perfected my skills as a creative legal researcher and writer. I developed a special talent for finding details other criminal attorneys regularly miss that gives me an edge in defending my clients. I am regularly hired to replace other lawyers.

– 2005, S. Florida Native

I was raised in Palm Beach County. I graduated from Suncoast Community High School, Brandeis University, and studied to become a criminal lawyer at the University of Florida Levin College of Law.


Need a South Bay Criminal Lawyer?

  • Marijuana Possession & Paraphernalia


    ary Jane, Marijuana, pot, weed, cannabis, chronic, krypy, etc., is unlawful throughout Florida state. For now anyway! The “It’s just a joint” standpoint may very well result in a year in prison, a $1,000 fee not to mention a compulsory driving license suspension. Possessing greater than twenty grams is significantly worse!

    I’ve made an impressive reputation as a successful South Bay Criminal Attorney standing-up against all the versions of illegal substance possession criminal charges through the years – in particular cannabis possession. Chances are good I can have your charges dropped, circumvent conviction completely, while keeping your driving license. However, keep in mind that, just what exactly I can achieve can vary and is particularly contingent upon a wide range of parameters. So, contact me and we’ll work out your choices…

  • Violent Crimes


    umerous criminal charges within Florida are in this specific category. Violent crimes include things like, but aren’t restricted to, murder, kidnapping, rape or sexual battery, home invasion, robbery, carjacking, aggravated assault, aggravated battery, as well burglary. The majority carry mandatory jail penalties that prosecuting attorneys will make certain it is their priority to obtain . Any time a firearm is utilized during committing the transgression the 10-20-life punishment code is vigorously enforced.

    It is obviously important you have an ambitious South Bay Criminal Attorney adept in this discipline of law. I’ve effectively defended clientele in every one of the infractions noted right above – and much more. Call, let’s discuss just what occurred in the past, and then we will take a look at your potential future.

  • Burglary (Breaking & Entering)


    urglary (Breaking & Entering, B&E) will occur when a man or woman goes into the property of a person having the intent to carry out an offense. Technically, a burglary charge doesn’t need proof of breaking in, nor will it have to have evidence that any misdeed occurred within. Burglary just must have proof that once the home or property has been entered that person had the needed intent.

    Taking into consideration that proof of the burglary relies upon your intent at the point of access , there exist defenses. Who’s able to without a doubt tell you specifically what your personal intent happened to be? Contact my law firm and we will discuss what specifically those defenses usually are and just what they would do for you.

  • Felony Drug Possession


    he most frequently found cause for criminal arrest nationwide is without a doubt drug possession. Whether or not it’s cocaine, illegally obtained pills (Xanax, Percocet, Oxycontin, Lortab, Etc.), crack, heroin, pcp, lsd, or peyote, obtaining any type of illegal drug, barring small quantities of marijuana, is a felony in the Sunshine State. Punishments can carry jail or possibly probation and moreover, in the Sunshine State, any kind of drug possession conviction leads to a mandatory driving license suspension .

    Always remember, just because you had been in close proximity to drugs doesn’t have to prove you are hands down guilty. Get a hold of my firm. I will assess your entire situation. I will scrutinize exactly how the interaction with law enforcement began. I will determine whether your Fourth Amendment legal rights have been breached. I will stand up for you. I will help !

  • Probation Violation


    hen on probation, comparatively regular ordinary jobs could very well put you at risk of violating your probation and as a consequence getting delivered directly into jail. I take pride in representing clients in most probation difficulties, like:

    • Violation Defense
    • Motions to Modify Probation
    • Motions to Terminate Probation
    • Speaking with Officers
    • Clarification/Interpretation of Probation Terms and conditions

    The conditions and terms on your probation might be difficult to understand, and / or contradicting now and again. A great deal of violations are typically the result of rather simple misconceptions! You might want to come in for a comprehensive read through of your “probation papers” before making an error in judgment which could breach your probation’s provisions. I’ll take you step-by-step through the small print.

    If you think you have already violated your terms resulting from some misconception, or something else, call me as soon as possible. I have successfully resolve a great number of probation violation court cases over the years. Allow me to help you.

  • Expungements


    our legal matter has been dismissed. All of the violations are now dropped. However, now you will have to cleanse your arrest record due to the fact that any kind of criminal record check will yet still clearly show those offenses. Your dismissed charge may very well keep you from locating a real job, any kind of job promotion, and / or hold you back from reaching a variety of different life aspirations.

    Mercifully, Florida’s legal system permit a person to expunge a whole case/criminal offense. Under some specific considerations, most critical of which is going to be that you’ve never previously been charged with any type of offense. That means different violations derived from one court case, including a felony reduced to a misdemeanor, can now end up being all together removed off your record for good.

    I will help clean up your personal criminal history. I will help you put a charge behind you simply by expunging the case. Call me to go over just how I can help you go on with your life.


  • DUIs & Traffic Tickets

    On individual’s inate ability for making simple errors has always been partly what makes people fundamentally human beings. I recognize that as a hard truth. This is the reason I strongly believe that quite a few traffic associated punishments are unjust. I’ve enjoyed great success in getting penalties mitigated, and in many cases, all together thrown out. For specifics, drop by my South Bay DUI Lawyer or my South Bay Traffic Attorney resources.
    Joshua LeRoy superb rated dui attorneyJoshua LeRoy superb rated traffic court and speeding ticket attorneyJoshua LeRoy best rated traffic & speeding ticket attorneyJoshua LeRoy best rated dui attorney

“Justice denied anywhere diminishes justice everywhere..”

-Martin Luther King, Jr

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What are the conditions for early termination probation? Section 948.05, Florida Statutes (2011), states, “[a] court may at any time cause a probationer…to ap-pear before it to be admonished or commended, and, when satisfied that its action will be for the best interests of justice and the welfare of society, it may discharge the probationer…

Just what does it mean to have your case dismissed? When defending his client against the State, a smart criminal defense attorney sees the fight like a game of chess; he strives to win the case in as few moves as possible. However, to do so, the lawyer, like a soldier going to war, must…

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South Bay Criminal Lawyer Joshua LeRoy, Esq.

I am a dedicated South Bay Criminal Lawyer who provides all clients with personalized, honest, and aggressive representation in any and all areas of criminal law in North Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens, Riveria Beach, Boynton Beach & the surrounding areas of Palm Beach County in the State of Florida.

My firm is the culmination of years of hard work and dedication devoted to vigorously defending my clients. Having defended literally thousands of criminal defendants charged with the gamut of criminal charges, I understand the intricacies of the criminal justice system. I created this firm with the singular mission of ensuring that my clients receive the focused and detailed representation they need in order to obtain a favorable disposition – no matter the charges.



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