Miami Dolphins players kneel sept 11

The Great US of A

While this event is a bit dated I thought since I am now ‘officially blogging’ I’d rehash it since the message it conveys has no expiration date!


Whatever your feelings are about the NFL players actions, you can’t deny that their actions have been successful. The act of kneeling during the National Anthem on the season opening loss on Sept. 11th (damn Seattle!) has created discussions. People are talking about their actions. Some are angry at the NFL and the players for their actions. Some support the NFL and the players for their actions. Regardless, in the last couple months I have had multiple conversations with multiple people about it. That fact alone means that the NFL players succeeded.

Through a single silent act, we are all discussing its significance. Moreover, their action demonstrate the freedoms that we sometimes take for granted. The freedom to protest on a national stage without fear of repercussions from the legal system. No NFL player can be arrested or incarcerated for their action. We celebrate the freedom of expression, the freedom to stand or kneel in protest, the freedom to speak. Unfortunately that is not true everywhere in the world.

I hope that these actions will make the country begin a dialogue on race relations. Hopefully Mr. Ross’ involvement will help.


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