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Bigamy & Related Charges

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Before hiring a Bigamy Defense Attorney, what should I know about F.S. 826.01?

According to Florida law, the offense of bigamy occurs when a person “having

What should I know about F.S. 826.01 before hiring a Bigamy Attorney?
Bigamy, Florida Statutes 826.01

a husband or wife living marries another person. “

In other words, if a person is already married, they cannot marry another. The crime is a third-degree felony.

What is an example of defense for bigamy?

If the State is prosecuting a man for bigamy, and he can show that he reasonably believed that his prior spouse had died, they cannot convict him of the crime.

Similarly, if one spouse voluntarily abandoned the other for three years and the other did not know if the prior spouse was still alive during that time, they cannot be found guilty of bigamy.

What are the penalties for bigamy?

As a third-degree felony, conviction for bigamy subjects the defendant to a range of punishments from a term of probation up to 5 years in prison.

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