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Disorderly Conduct & Related Charges

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Before I hire a Disorderly Conduct Defense Attorney, what should I know about a charge: F.S. 877.03?

A charge of disorderly conduct can range from creating loud noises to fighting to incite a riot. Disorderly conduct is a misdemeanor. The degree of misdemeanor charges also varies with the severity of the crime, and the punishments include jail time and hefty fines.

The “breach of peace,” as it is known, must be in a public place to be considered disorderly conduct, which must be proven to be convicted. Since there are so many variables in disorderly conduct cases, it is in your best interest to consult with a Disorderly Conduct Defense Attorney if you have been charged with disorderly conduct as soon as possible.

If your charge was issued while you were acting in self-defense, a qualified criminal lawyer could help you build a good defense and assist you in getting past the charge.

Depending on your situation and charges, your First Amendment right to freedom of speech may protect you from false accusations.

Will a charge of disorderly conduct be recorded on my record?

Before I hire a Disorderly Conduct Defense Attorney, what should I know about a charge: F.S. 877.03?
Disorderly Conduct – F.S. 877.03

Every single criminal offense in Florida is qualified to be reported. Also, if authorities arrest you, there is a made-public rap sheet recording of that arrest.

Several towns or districts have ordinances against disorderly conduct. These mandates may convey considerably more severe punishments than state statutes.

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Will a conviction for disorderly conduct charge hurt my opportunities for future employment?

Even though this is a moderately low-level offense compared with different crimes (homicide, medication trafficking, theft), your conviction still creates a criminal record.

A few job opportunities won’t hire an applicant with a criminal record, particularly if another comparatively qualified candidate has no history. Numerous examples exist where individuals are not given work opportunities in light of criminal charges.

Can the State convict me for disorderly conduct because an officer heard me cursing in public?

It is your first amendment right to utilize curse words in most settings – including in the presence of officers. Cops are required to have the capacity to endure more profanity than an average person because of their preparedness training.

If authorities charge you because an officer overheard you using curse words, you have the right to have your case dismissed.

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