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Before Hiring a Juvenile Crime Attorney, What Should I Know About F.S. 985?

When the police arrest a minor for committing a crime, the State may prosecute

Before Hiring a Juvenile Crimes Attorney, What Should I Know About F.S. 985?
Juvenile Crimes, Florida Statutes Chapter 985

the juvenile in a less onerous manner than an adult. The primary difference is the nature of the punishment imposed.

A minor convicted in the juvenile justice system may lose his liberty, but the State does not achieve this sanction by sending the juvenile to prison; rather, the State creates what it calls “programs,” curricula administered within usually secure residential facilities, designed to continue the child’s education as well as foster his growth and rehabilitation.

But the child is deprived of liberty, nevertheless. The State calls such incarceration “detention” rather than imprisonment.

Was sort of defenses will a juvenile criminal attorney use for some of the more common crimes??

The State charges minors with the same crimes the state charges adults with; hence, the same defenses are available to juveniles as adults. For example, one defense an experienced juvenile attorney may use against trespassing is that the property did not provide the juvenile with signs in the proper location.

Alternatively, the signs did not contain the appropriate size lettering as required by law. Similarly, one defense against possession of marijuana in a small quantity is that the arresting officer did not have the lawful right to stop and/or search the defendant.

What are the penalties for juvenile crimes?

As I related above, judges sentence children convicted of crimes to “programs” that restrict the child’s liberty proportionately to the seriousness of the offenses. Juveniles may receive a sentence to four different types of programs: (a) minimum risk, non-residential; (b) nonsecure residential; (c) high-risk residential; and (d) maximum risk residential.

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